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Wedding Venue Virtual Tours – A Quick Guide

Check out our quick wedding venue virtual tour overview video

In this article we’ll explore why wedding venue virtual tours make your businesses stand out from the competition. We’ll also look at how wedding venue virtual tours can simplify your customer journey, improve your businesses online visibility and reduce the time you spend with ‘bad fit’ customers.

Planning a wedding is no easy task. From choosing the perfect dress to selecting the right flowers, even a simple wedding involves numerous decisions. However, one of the most critical choices any couple will make is picking the ideal venue. In the past, picking a venue required visiting multiple locations, which can be time-consuming for both the couple and the venue. However, thanks to the internet and new technologies it’s no longer neccessary to explore every single venue in-person.

Why Use A Wedding Venue Virtual Tour?

A 24 /7 Virtual Walk Through

Imagine if every potential customer could spend time exploring your business… They’d get a true feel of your venue and be better able to visualise their wedding in the space. With a wedding venue virtual tour, potential clients can explore your wedding venue without leaving the comfort of their home. Instead of scheduling numerous in-person visits, they can view different locations online. This is particularly beneficial for couples with busy schedules or those planning destination weddings.

More High Quality Enquires

When searching for a wedding venue the first thing most people will do is search online. Venues that present their spaces the in the best way online are proven to generate more enquires. By utilising wedding venue virtual tours your business will stand out to potential clients while they are narrowing down their options. A wedding venue virtual tour also acts as a pre-qualification tool to filter out bad-fit customers. As potential clients can spend time exploring your business, they can gain a much clearer understanding of the venue. This understanding leads to much more confident and excited enquires, less time wasted with enquires that don’t go anywhere and an overall smoother sales experience.

A Detailed and Immersive Experience

High-Quality Visuals And Interactive Elements

A wedding venue virtual tour is created by 3D scanning and photographing your available spaces. This process creates a visually stunning and accurate 3D model of your venue. This 3D model is then hosted online so it can be easily explored by potential customers and embedded on to your website. Wedding venue virtual tours offer high-quality visuals, including 360-degree views, detailed imagery, and even interactive elements such as data-tags.

Data-tags are clickable hotspots within the wedding venue virtual tour that provide additional information about the space. Data-tags can contain text, imagery, links, video and audio. When it comes to wedding venue virtual tours, data-tags are one of the best features to educate and engage potential customers. For example, using data-tags you can show potential customers: videos of previous events, pdf’s of sample menus, upload a playlist of popular music and provide information about the capacity and dimensions of your space. All while they are virtualy exploring your wedding venue!


Virtual tours also feature tools that make it easy for potential customers to enquire while exploring the space, capitalising on their excitement and impulse to book.

User Friendly Exploration

Wedding venue virtual tours are easy and simple for potential customers to navigate. Virtual tours work perfectly on both touch screen devices like phones and tablets, and also laptops and computers. Wedding venue virtual tours can even be explored using a VR headset .

Virtual tours include features that allow potential clients to zoom in on specific areas, view different rooms, and even change perspectives. This level of detail enables them to easily explore the venue’s layout, decor, and facilities, in a way not possible with just photos or videos.

To check out some of wedding venue virtual tours click here

Better Planning and Coordination With A Wedding Venue Virtual Tour

Easily Viewed And Shared

A virtual tour helps potential clients get a better understanding of your venue’s layout and available spaces. Having a 3D model of the venue that can be opened and explored remotley makes planning the seating arrangement, dance floor, and other essential elements much easier. The virtual tour can also be easily shared with wedding planners, caterers, and other vendors, making the planning process much smoother.

With a virtual tour your clients can make more informed decisions and avoid potential issues on their wedding day, ensuring that every aspect of your venue setup aligns perfectly with the client’s dream day.


Enhanced Accessibility

Easy Access

If potential clients have key decision-makers or family members living far away, virtual tours offer an easy way for them to participate in the venue selection process. They can view the tour remotely, providing their input without the need to travel to the wedding venue. Having a virtual tour also allows potrential customers from overseas to view your venue for a destination wedding, increasing the number of prospective clients for your business.

Overcoming Physical Barriers

For couples or family members with physical limitations, a virtual tours provides a practical solution. They can explore the venue thoroughly from home, prepare for any access isues ahead of the big day and feel more comfortable your venue is the right choice.


With a wedding venue virtual tour your business will stand out from the competition. Potential customers will be able to explore your venue remotley, learn about other weddings at your venue and enquire about a booking all from the comfort of their own home. Features like data-tags make sharing key information easy and engaging, while different viewing options in the virtual tour give more perspectives of a space. When it comes to planning a wedding or event a virtual tour also helps by giving caterers, wedding planners and other vendors an accurate representation of a venue to reduce in-person visits and aid in effiecient decision making. Finally, for potential customers with physical limitations or who are overseas a virtual tour is a powerful tool when deciding on the right venue.

We hope you’ve found this article useful! If you’d like to learn more about virtual tours, we have some great articles and videos on our learning hub. Or if you have a project in mind and would like to speak to a member of our firendly team, you can reach out by clicking here.