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Virtual Property Tours – The Real New Normal?

‘The new normal.’ A phrase we’ve all had to embrace over the last six months. Covid-19 has transformed so many aspects of our daily lives that it’s sometimes difficult to remember life before social distancing, face coverings and zoom quizzes. 

The pandemic has altered the way we have to approach things that were, at one time, routine. Businesses must continually have one eye on the news to ensure they’re abiding by the latest restrictions and some have been forced to adapt more than others. 

This has created a unique situation in the property market in particular. One thing that the pandemic can’t really dictate is peoples need to move house or find a new property. With this in mind, real estate companies and property owners have had to develop new, and safer, ways to market their properties. 

Could this be the time when virtual property tours become the new normal?

The Advantages of Virtual Property Tours During a Pandemic

The rise of the virtual property tour has been a steep one. For real estate companies and letting agencies, virtual property tours have always been of particular use to those looking to move somewhere far away. Whether that’s a three or four-hour drive away, or a long-haul flight away – virtual tours give these companies a wider net to cast. 

But now, with national and regional lockdowns in place, arranging a house viewing is becoming increasingly difficult – even if you’re looking to move just round the corner. Virtual property tours provide the perfect solution. 

Showcase your space with high resolution imagery

Once you’ve put your contracts through, you can revisit your new home virtually and fall in love with it over and over again. It also gives you a chance to check things through and spot any features that you might not have noticed first time round. 

If you’re not using virtual property tours to showcase your property, then you could, potentially, be limiting your reach. People deemed to be ‘vulnerable’ due to their age or health conditions might be hesitant to attend an in-person house viewing. So, providing a clean, detailed and accurately represented virtual tour of a property would give such people the next best thing. 

Having a Matterport3D tour available on your property listings is a massive time saver for you and your business.

Virtual Property Tours for Students

So let’s say you’re a student. Your tenancy is due to end in a couple of weeks and you’ve found a property you’re interested in. You’re desperate to show your housemates, but you’re all living in different corners of the country and you can’t visit a house together due to Covid restrictions. Luckily, there’s a Matterport 3D tour available.

Instead of just changing it and signing contracts without ever seeing the property, a Matterport 3D tour gives you a chance to see if the property will work for you and your friends. Choose your rooms, plan the layout of the living room – all of this can be done virtually.

Spare time can be hard to come by as a student with a hectic schedule of lectures, seminar prep and essays to plan. So spending time viewing houses in-person is just another thing to try and squeeze in. Virtual house tours provide flexibility and efficiency, giving you the chance to make big decisions about your future living situation, from the comfort of your current one.

Image taken from one of our student property tours in Sheffield

How can Virtual Property Tours Help Estate Agents & Property Sellers?

Virtual house tours aren’t only for prospective buyers and renters – they’re an equally important tool for agents and sellers. From independent sellers to established property developers, the benefits of showcasing your assets virtually are huge. 

As an estate agent, having a Matterport3D tour available on your property listings is a massive time saver for you and your business. Virtual property tours will allow buyers a closer look at a property before coming for an in-person viewing. 

This might not seem like a big win, but just think about how many viewings a house with no virtual tour could take to sell. There could be multiple uninterested buyers who are simply browsing what’s available in their area. 

A virtual property tour gives buyers a chance to pick out properties they’re seriously interested in. As a result, this will reduce the overall time a property spends on the market. Downsides? There aren’t any.

As a property seller, a Matterport 3D tour of your house means less disruption to your personal life. In-person viewings can be stressful and mean that you won’t have your home to yourself whilst it’s on the market. However, if you’re open to accepting in-person viewings, having a virtual tour of your home means that potential buyers will only need to visit once. If they want to check certain details, or simply take a closer look at certain rooms, a virtual tour is the best and most COVID-secure way to do so.  

Explore a 3D virtual tour:

Keep Each Other Safe with Virtual Property Tours

All businesses have been adjusting. The safety of employees has and always must be a priority but now, it’s something more than just we ‘should’ be doing. There are government guidelines to adhere to and full national lockdowns, too. 

But how can you keep business coming in if your workplace is to shut? With real estate agents closing their offices under the strictest restrictions, the need for virtual tours becomes more apparent. As we’ve already told you, 3D house tours will bring you consistent enquiries from prospective buyers whilst also reducing the need for in-person viewings, keeping your property sellers and potential buyers safe. 

This way you’ll be keeping employees safe whilst still receiving quality leads. 

If you have any questions about any of the content in this blog or you have any questions about 3D virtual tours or would like more information on virtual tour production, we’d absolutely love to hear from you.

Get in touch with us today to find out what a 3D virtual tour could do for you and event space.

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