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Renovating a property can be a process that takes days, months and years. Yet when done properly, it can reap financial rewards that last years beyond the initial investment.

In today’s blog post we’d like to take you through a recent case study we undertook on behalf of London North Investments, London’s authority on UK property.

The Client

London North Investments specialise in connecting clients in London with investment properties in the north of the UK that require a lower initial investment and therefore higher potential profit. 

The team is made up of property development experts with over 25 years’ experience, who can advise both individuals and businesses on how to start or improve their property portfolio.

3D Virtual Tour Prior To Refurbishment

London North Investments’ property prior to refurbishment

The Project

London North Investments came to us as all of their clients are London based, however the properties they are renovating are in the North of England and Scotland. As a Virtual Tour company we can cover the whole of the UK.

The great thing about our 3D virtual tours and 360 photography is that it allow investors to see the progress of each property without making the long journey across the UK every time they want to check on the properties’ progress – something that would cost both money and time. A virtual tour production is a cost effective and time effective means of keeping up to date with improvements, and ultimately, can be a superb sales tools that makes an investor truly stand clear from the crowd.

Take a look at the Matterport virtual tour software below, to get an idea of how this ‘Google Indoor Maps’ style technology can work for you.

As we’re sure you’ll agree, the results are impressive! This particular property was in desperate need of some TLC before the London North Investments team set to work.

In the first 3D virtual tour, you can see that parts of the walls are missing, old wallpaper is hanging off and the property was dated and in dire need of significant work before it would be habitable.

When we set to work doing any 3D virtual tour, we make sure that we take as many individual scans of each room as possible to ensure the small details aren’t missed and the viewer gets a 3D, full 360 photography, immersive experience of the space – second only to being there in person. 

In the case of this particular project, we wanted to showcase the outstanding work done by the London North Investments team – not only to refurbish the property but to transform it into every inch the luxury apartment. 

We also made sure to edit the 3D virtual tour in a seamless way and one that showed the dramatic difference between the start of the property refurbishment and the end result. That’s an imporant part of hiring a virtual tour company in the UK that understands the commercial goals of your project.

What we do 

Our 3D virtual tours are not just something that’s nice to look at – they’re designed to engage and impress your audience.

In the case of any renovation project, we can use our expertise to create a 3D virtual tour that seamlessly integrates any “before” and “after” scan – and these needn’t be exclusive to properties.

If you have an events space, for example, we would be able to showcase how the space looks before and after it’s been decorated for a specific event. We could even integrate multiple scans to show the space as a wedding venue, a corporate event or a children’s party venue, for example.

The sky really is the limit and we work with many different industries every week to showcase their spaces in a more immersive way – and a way that stands out from the competition.

If you’re reading this thinking that all sounds amazing, but ‘how do I create a virtual tour’, then we have the answers and we’d absolutely love to hear from you. 

Get in touch with us today to find out what a 3D virtual tour could do for you and your business.