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How to embed a Matterport Virtual Tour.

Matterport Virtual tours have cemented themselves as an essential marketing tool in many industries over the last few years. There has since been further advancements in its technology, which has made it a must have in marketing. With Matterport Virtual Tours users get a realistic experience of a space as if they are physically there in person. In today’s blog we will discuss how you can further utilise these tours by embedding them into your website.

What is embedding?

Embedding is the process of adding third-party media into your website, i.e images, videos or even interactive virtual tours. This feature is extremely useful because it allows visitors of a website to access further resources without the need of leaving the web page for a different website. This promotes continued website usage, which helps with SEO and improves the users experience.

Embedded tour example on our website

How to embed a Matterport Virtual Tour

Once you have created a virtual tour using the Matterport platform you simply use the share function to access the embed code and this formulates an iframe code for you. You then use this code by pasting it into your website’s HTML.  

Matterport’s Share & Invite Feature

Iframes are a HTML element that lets you insert the desired content from another website into your own. Once added the iframes generates a window on your website that shows the third-party content.

Iframe added to a HTML

After embed code has been added

What are the benefits of embedding?

The beauty of embedding your virtual tour from a third party website is that the tour will be hosted through their servers and not your own so the speed of your website and the tour itself will not be affected. 

There are so many benefits to gain by embedding a virtual tour directly to your website. Firstly the user experience is greatly improved as it allows users to see examples of Virtual Tours to help them get a better sense of what you are offering, whether that is highlighting key features of your bar/restaurant or helping potential buyers/tenants get a real feel for a house they are looking at. This will lead to increased engagement and lead to the space you are sharing. 

Having interactive content on your website leads to users spending much more time on your website and it has been proven that the longer a user spends on your website the more likely you are to have boosts in engagement and conversions. This also increases your website’s SEO as search engines will deem your website to be valuable and relevant, which in turn leads to higher positioning on search engine results pages.   

As you can see there are huge benefits from embedding Virtual Tours to your website and it is very easy to do by following the simple steps above. If you would like to have your own virtual tour on your website or would just like anymore information in regards to Virtual Tours, please get in touch through our Contact Page. If you would like to take a look at some of our projects please take a look at our Portfolio.