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As part of each project we provide a teaser video of your virtual tour. Perfect for posting on your social media channels and driving traffic to your website, where the full immersive experience of your virtual tour then can be enjoyed.

More time spent on your page.

A virtual tour is an active viewing experience where visitors can spend time exploring and engaging with your business or property. Having an interactive piece of content increases time spent on that page and it’s proven that the longer someone spends on your website, the more likely they are to enquire about your property, book a room at your hotel or become a member at your gym.

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Every project is unique in size and scope, but Scene3D will always agree on a delivery deadline prior to starting a project. Scene3D guarantees that you will receive your virtual tour on, or before that date.

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Scene3D virtual reality virtual tours shown on an imac

Do virtual tours help to sell houses quicker? Yes and here’s why.

Imagine if there is a way for people to view your property while you’re sleeping, doing errands, and spending time with your kids. Virtual house tours offer you exactly that! It’s just one of many ways to market your house, but a strongly efficient one. 

Recent studies show that 97% of people start the search for a new house online, and if yours isn’t there, you’re missing out a lot. But do virtual tours help sell houses? The answer is yes! There is hardly a better way to market your house and create an immersive experience for potential buyers. Let’s dive deeper and show you how.

How Do Virtual House Tours Work?

The main benefit of 3D house tours is to allow potential buyers to explore a property in a full 360-degree view, simply by using their favorite device – smartphone, laptop or a tablet. The best 3D home tours are interactive. They allow visitors to click through from room to room, and get a true sense of how the property looks and feels.

Take it to the next level and amaze your potential buyers by including interactive data points that feature all kinds of useful information. You can highlight the key features of the property (such as amazing view, peaceful neighborhood, and lots of natural light) and not let them wonder if the property is the right fit for them.

Most 3D virtual house tours are compatible with VR which creates an unrivalled view of a property that is second only to real-life visits.

Get Quicker Property Sale With 3D Home Tours

3D home tours are rising in popularity and there is a good reason for that. 

When you allow your potential buyer to virtually walk through a property they’ll get a true sense of how it would feel to live there. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then 3D home tours are worth millions! 

3D virtual house tours leave no question unanswered. They showcase the property in cohesive way photographs could never achieve. Potential buyers get a real insight into the “flow” of a property and how each room harmonizes with the previous.

Properties featured with 3D virtual tours get 95% more phone inquiries

They’ll have all the time they need to explore your property, without having to move from their couch. This will drive high levels of online engagement, especially if you share your 3D home tours on portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla. The more time they spend looking at the 3D virtual house tours, the more likely they’ll make an inquiry.

Because of that, it’s of utmost importance to make 3D home tours of your properties as mesmerizing as possible!

Dollhouse View Of 3D Virtual Tour

How Do You Build a Virtual Tour of a House?

With new technologies emerging and advancing each day, virtual house tours are becoming a standard when selling a property. There are multiple ways to get your own 3D home tours and here are some of them:

Create 3D virtual house tours yourself –

If you want to play around and see the power of 3D virtual house tours by creating one yourself, there are many relatively cheap & user-friendly 360 cameras. You can use them to capture the interior of your home, but the resolution will be of lower quality. Potential buyers will have fewer options, especially when it comes to interacting with the 3D home tours, but you’ll still offer them a better experience than still photography alone. 

Hire a professional 3D virtual house tours company –

If you’d rather sit back and relax, let the professionals take care of your 3D virtual house tours. Back in the day, only a few people with large budgets had the chance to see the power of 3D scanning technology.

It’s a whole nother story today. 3D virtual house tours are more affordable, and by hiring a professional you’ll have a high-resolution end product with lots of interactive components. Make sure to check their portfolio and talk about their expertise to get a sense of what they can achieve. 

Meanwhile, check out one of many virtual house tours created by Scene3D:

How Do You Prepare Your Home for a 3D Virtual House Tour?

One of the most common misunderstandings we’ve encountered during our career is that the whole property is captured at once. To make sure that virtual tours help sell houses, we’ve prepared some tips to prepare your home for a 3D virtual house tour. 

As the property will be 360 photographed or 3D scanned room by room, it’s important to know that the camera will be capturing everything in all directions. So what can you do?

  • Make sure that the property is as clean and clutter-free as possible
  • Remove everything you want to keep out of the shot (don’t panic – as we shoot each room one at a time it’s possible to just move items out of the room being captured)
  • Think about the key features of your property to include in interactive data-points
  • Consider a fresh lick of paint or some new curtains. Decorating the property, even a little, can help make it as appealing as possible

After the 3D scanning is completed, you can easily put everything you’ve removed back where it belongs. 

Pro tip: Kitchen work surfaces such as marble or granite, underfloor heating in bedrooms and bathrooms, and ornate or original design features such as cornices or flooring are some of the features you should definitely highlight in a 3D virtual tour!

3D Virtual Tours Created By Scene3D

How Long Does It Take To Create Your 3D Virtual House Tours?

Most of the work, however, is behind the scenes. After spending 2-3 hours to 3D scan a 3-5 bedroom house, there is a lot more we have to do. 

We take raw materials such as 360 photographs or 3D scans, “stitch” them together, and create the immersive experience of a 3D home tours. It’s one of the most time-consuming tasks, especially for the high-quality end products we deliver. The standard time experienced professionals need to deliver the end product is usually 3-5 working days.

Virtual tours generate 49% more qualified leads

If you’ve decided to do it yourself, the time it will take to get the 3D home tours depends largely on your skill level and software for post-production. If you don’t have the experience, you may encounter a few unforeseen obstacles while creating 3D virtual tours. However, it’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth it or not.

Are Virtual House Tours Worth It?

Finally, the most important questions of all. Are virtual house tours worth it? Do virtual tours help sell houses? If they don’t, what would be the point to go through a struggle to have one created?

3D house viewing is a gold standard in the real estate industry right now. It’s not just that potential buyers love them, it’s the fact that they’re expecting you to have a 3D virtual tours of the house you’re selling. 

If you don’t, chances are they’ll go looking somewhere else. And you don’t want that. What are some of the main benefits you’ll get if you utilize 3D home tours?

  • You’ll get more potential buyers

You’re not limited to people in your local community. On the internet, you can reach thousands of potential buyers in a matter of hours. Share 3D virtual house tours of the house you’re selling to various portals, websites, and utilize social media to get the best results!

  • The viewer has the complete control without wasting your time

The best 3D virtual house tours create a harmonized experience for the viewer, it engages their senses and has all the information they need to make an inquiry. You’ll save a lot of time by talking only to highly qualified prospects, and by including interactive elements, 3D home tours will motivate potential buyers to call you. 

  • First impression matters

It matters in life, and it matters in real estate. If you have professional 3D virtual house tours, it will leave a strong first impression on your potential buyer. If the 3D house viewing is “meh”, they’ll continue browsing other listings. Make it count!

  • It’s all about perspective

3D virtual house tours are great because they showcase your house from a human perspective. Not only will viewers see all about the house that interests them, but also feel as if they’re already there, the atmosphere, and picture themselves living there. 

If you want to experience the power of 3D virtual tours, get quicker property sale and great price, get in touch!

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