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If you own a local restaurant, you’ll know all too well that competition can be tough. Between maintaining good reviews on places like TripAdvisor, ensuring your prices are competitive and coming up with seasonal, varied menus it’s little wonder there’s any time left to think about marketing or how a 3D virtual tour could help to market your restaurant.

In today’s blog post we’re excited to share with you the answer to marketing your restaurant with a 3D virtual tour and 360 photography.

Show off your USPs

Think about your restaurant – what are the unique selling points that make you stand out from the competition? Why do people visit your restaurant as opposed to another? Why do repeat customers keep coming back?

Within any 3D virtual tour you get the option to add something that called “data points”. Data points are a small circle within each section of the tour that viewers can click on to find out more information about a specific object or section within the tour. This takes a one dimensional experience, and makes it three dimensional and engaging. Our virtual tour software really can deliver a wonderful experience for people visiting your site (you can embed your virtual tour on your website) and on your Google Business Listing, again you can add your tour there, like Google Indoor Maps.


Use data points to communicate key info to your customers

For example, in this 3D virtual tour of Cubanas Tapas Bar in Sheffield, data points have been used to give viewers more information on certain aspects of the venue. For example, one has been set on the bar that reads “Cubanas boasts the most extensive selection of rums outside of London. With over 220 rums available, we are sure to have one for every taste!”

Data points give you the opportunity to market your restaurant’s USPs with viewers in an easy, aesthetically pleasing way. Showcase your gluten-free menu, share photos of your most exciting dishes and explain the history behind the interior design of the restaurant – the options are unlimited.

Data points aren’t just limited to text either – you can add photos, videos and audio to them too. Explore the many ways in which you can really make the most out of your 3D virtual tour in this blog post.

They help people with anxiety and disabilities

It’s estimated that over 8.2 million people suffer from anxiety and there are around 13.9 million people living with disabilities in the UK . One of the biggest benefits of 3D virtual tours is that they provide the next-best experience to visiting a restaurant in person. 

For people who suffer from anxiety, especially around visiting new places, 3D virtual tours provide the reassurance they need that when they arrive, they already know what to expect. This will, in turn, reduce any potential anxiety triggers when they visit your restaurant in person.


Let people see your restaurant before they visit

Similarly, it’s extremely important to make the dining experience as inclusive and comfortable as possible for people with disabilities and additional health needs. If disabled people to be able to see your restaurant before they visit, it will undoubtedly reduce their anxieties around the entire experience. 

By viewing a 3D virtual tour, they can see where the accessible entrances and exits are as well as the disabled toilets and any other areas where accessibility might be an issue.

They help you to stand out from the competition

3D scanning for commercial businesses is an exciting, new way to market your business to an unlimited amount of people online. Therefore having a 3D virtual tour of your restaurant helps you to stand out from the competition. From utilising the 360 virtual tour photography to adding those data points that create interest, you can head straight to the top of the food chain (so sorry) in the world of digital marketing for a restaurant business.

For customers who are making a decision between a few new restaurants, being able to see a 3D virtual tour of one of them could be exactly what they need to make the final decision in your favour.

Equally, if someone was on the fence about visiting a new restaurant because it required them to travel outside of their local area, a 3D virtual tour could act as a key element in their decision making as you’re able to understand the ambience and charm of a place from a 3D virtual tour.

If you have any questions about any of the content in this blog or you have any questions about 3D virtual tours, we’d absolutely love to hear from you.

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