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Case Study – Zombie Uprising “Find The Cure” Marketing Campaign

Zombie Uprising is a live action, post apocalyptic survival experience, where visitors are invited to live out their favourite zombie movie fantasy. 

Armed with only an objective, a soft pellet BB gun and a small torch, visitors then have free roam of the huge ex industrial building while actors dressed as zombies do their best to frighten and capture the “survivors”.  The mission? To find a briefcase that contains the last remaining copy of the “cure” before they are bitten or time runs out. 

What were our client’s goals?

Although Zombie Uprising have been in business for several years, they are one of the few companies in the UK to offer this unique experience, generating a large amount of business through glowing word of mouth reviews, while maintaining a steady social media presence through regular promoted posts. However, after noticing an increase in competition, the team at ZU wanted to take steps to increase their digital presence and look at new methods of digital marketing in 2020. The ZU team approached Scene3D and commissioned us a virtual tour production company to help them digitally showcase one of their strongest selling points: the Zombie Uprising Chesterfield site. 

When portraying Zombie Uprising to those searching online, the ZU team had found it difficult to portray the sheer size and scale of the Chesterfield site while also communicating the tone of the ZU experience. Taking inspiration from contemporary video games, Scene3D curated a marketing strategy designed not only to showcase the Chesterfield site, but to also; engage potential customers, generate key customer data for remarketing and provide highly interested leads for the ZU sales team. This really is one of the best aspects of a virtual tour project, as the 360 tour and 360 photography can fit seamlessly into new and existing digital marketing campaigns – and, importantly, make an impact!

Zombie Uprising’s sprawling, atmospheric Chesterfield site

Our approach and proposition

Step 01 –

Using 3D scanning equipment, Scene3D will create a 3D virtual tour of a section of the Chestfield site, complete with actors in full zombie make-up, so visitors can digitally explore the venue and gain an immersive impression of the Zombie Uprising experience. Hidden somewhere within this 3D virtual tour will be a briefcase that potential customers will have to find to win a free zombie uprising experience for 4 people.

Zombie Uprising 3D virtual tour:

Step 02 – 

Scene3D will produce a series of short narrative videos. Each video is to be an entry in a  “video-diary”, chronicling a young scientist’s journey from discovering a miracle cure to accidentally releasing the zombie virus upon the world. Taking inspiration from video games such as Bioshock and Resident Evil, each video will then be placed intermittently throughout the 3D virtual tour using multimedia data-tags. This encourages visitors to the 3D virtual tour to thoroughly explore the ZU Chesterfield site in order to learn the full back story. The videos will also contain clues to the location of the hidden briefcase. 

Step 03 –

Scene3D will produce a social media promotional video for the “find the briefcase” competition and a landing page containing the 3D virtual tour, an explanation about the competition and a data capture form where potential customers can enter their details.

Campaign Video:

Step 04 – 

Scene3D will create a Facebook campaign using the promotional video specifically targeted to the ZU potential customer demographic. The budget for this facebook campaign is £300.00.

Through the application of an engaging promotional video, and by acutely focusing our campaign targeting to potential customers who had a keen interest in zombie pop culture and group events, we were able to generate a high number of link clicks. This led to our cost per click (0.43p) being roughly 20% cheaper than the industry average (0.52p)*. We were also able to generate a substantial amount of organic reach through our audience engagement of comments, likes and tags. 

The majority of potential customers that engaged with the ad, then clicked through to our landing page (77%), with the majority of those that visited the landing page going on to explore the 3D virtual tour (74%). This provides the Zombie Uprising Facebook and Google pixels a substantial amount of key data for retargeting campaigns and customer profiling.

Of those that explored the 3D virtual tour, around 8% then submitted a competition entry. This is due to the work required on a potential customer’s part prior to submitting an answer, namely; to explore the 3D virtual tour, watch the videos, “find the cure” and then submit their answer. This barrier to entry was part of our campaign design. As each Zombie Uprising event is booked mostly by larger groups such as birthdays or stag events, our aim was to filter out casual leads and focus on providing the sales team with highly interested leads to increase the conversion rate and ROI.

Overall the team at Zombie Uprising were extremely happy with the results of this unique campaign, leaving a 5 star review on our google business page and putting plans in place to run further campaigns with Scene3D in the near future. 

Interested in a unique marketing campaign like this? Created by a digitally focused and unique 3d virtual tour company then you can contact our team here.

*Industry average from here