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3D Virtual Tours for Schools: A 24/7 Open Day

Education, education, education – it’s every child’s right to have one. However, starting school for the first time or entering a new school can be daunting. What can schools do to make it easier for their future students?

We’ve witnessed how quickly things change in the Covid-19 pandemic. Many industries were hit hard, and only those who adjusted to new circumstances came out as winners. Schools are no different. The biggest obstacles were definitely restrictions in terms of how to safely show school facilities without risking anyone’s health. 

But is this relevant only when the global pandemic strikes? Schools don’t have to be limited to open days and school tours. As educational institutions, schools need to set an example and quickly adjust to new technologies and make it easier for students, pandemic or not.  

Virtual tours for schools are an easy way to amaze students with access to school facilities 365 days a year, 24/7. Students and parents could explore the school from the comfort of their own homes, while school staff wouldn’t be overwhelmed with excess work.

Put Students at Ease With Virtual Tours for Schools

Open days and traditional school tours not only present health risks but also logistical barriers. Why would students and parents go through a struggle to visit the school, when they can easily explore it in their free time? 

Some students may not be able to see their classroom and school before it starts. This will make their life harder, as they’ll feel anxious about what to expect. And starting education at a new school should be one of the happiest and most exciting moments of a child’s life. 

This is especially relevant to young, vulnerable students and those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). Virtual tours for schools are the ultimate solution. Why?

It’s safe, it’s reliable and high-quality school virtual tours will get students excited about what’s to come. They’ll explore with their friends & family a new learning environment where they’ll spend years of their lives, making new friends, falling in love, and learning invaluable information.

Children are great with technology. They adjust more quickly than adults. By giving them a chance to navigate the school facilities, hallways and seeing their school with virtual school tours, your school will be cool in their eyes instead of boring. 

A 3D virtual tour of your school is the first step in building the ever-important relationship between a school, the pupils, and their families. Help students feel more at ease in these uncertain times by offering 3D virtual school tours.

Virtual Tours for Schools Highlight Your Facilities and Expertise

Worried about how you’re going to showcase your school’s high-spec science labs, brand-new gymnasium, or art and design studios if open days aren’t an option?

Virtual tours for schools created by professionals are high-resolution and interactive, with the possibility to add interactive data points to highlight the key features. Do your school justice with school virtual tours, don’t just take pictures and call it a day. 

Virtual tours for schools are meant to be as engaging as possible, and seamlessly incorporate different media types into the virtual tour itself. What does this mean?

 A walkthrough experience is more enticing than traditional photography and gives viewers a unique insight into your school environment and facilities.

For example, insert a video of your science labs in action so potential students can see what their science lessons will be like. These can be implemented anywhere you’d like, to give your students an even clearer picture of what your school is all about!

3D virtual tour for schools shows a classroom
Schools can show their facilities in an interactive way

School Virtual Tours Take Accessibility to the Next Level

It’s not just about bragging about how great your school is, and what facilities it has. Something that’s often overlooked is displaying how accessible your school is for students with disabilities and SEND.

Many schools are looking to boost their inclusivity. Highlighting the adjustments your school made to make it as accessible as possible should be a top priority. Make it easy for those students by showing them they’ll easily adjust to the new learning environment. 

Whether it’s simply accessible routes for wheelchair users to get around, or interactive whiteboards and other learning tools to support students with dyslexia – demonstrate all of these great benefits in a virtual school tour. 

Parents and other family members want to see how the school will cater to their child’s specific needs way before they start school. It’s the factor they take into account when they decide where their children will go to school. Why not make the most out of virtual tours for schools by including data points to signpost these so parents will clearly see how you’ll support their child?

Show the parents your school is more than capable of providing the best learning environment, facilities, and conditions in which their child will flourish!

How to Create Virtual Tours for Schools That Attract Students?

Focus on parents, not school

Parents are the ones who make the decision about where their children will go to school. Keep them in mind when creating virtual tours for schools. What they’d like to see? What’s important to them? Answer their most burning questions with virtual tours for schools by highlighting key features and incorporating different media throughout the virtual tour. 

Sell the experience

Virtual tours for schools offer an immersive experience for students to feel the atmosphere of the place where they’ll spend the majority of their time before they step foot in there. Make it count by bringing the experience of attending your school one step closer to them by pointing out all the benefits with a show, don’t tell attitude. 

Stand out

Not many schools decide to provide their students with school virtual tours. By including one on your website, you’ll attract more potential students, and stand out from other schools they’re considering. It will increase the chances to choose your school, and not the other way around!

Clarity wins

Include a call to action – whether it’s to fill out an online application or a meeting with admissions. Remove the noise and explain the next steps. 

Make every corner count by hiring professionals for school virtual tours

At Scene3D we’re always looking to take on more exciting projects to help you get the most out of your space. We have vast experience in creating virtual tours for schools and are happy to provide these solutions for a variety of budgets.

Check out the examples of school virtual tours we’ve completed successfully!

Get in touch and find out how we could help your school attract young bright minds!