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Measured Survey

Scene3D can seamlessly improve time efficiency on your projects with a measured survey. From the onsite surveying and point cloud alignment, to delivering high quality 2D & 3D datasets, our experts are on hand to guide you through each stage of the process. 

A high standard, effective and efficient measured survey

Why Use Point Cloud?

Use the point cloud captured during a measured survey to efficiently create 3D visualisations of your project from concept to completion, prior to work commencing onsite, improving efficiency and effectiveness.

Quick & Efficient

Our point cloud experts can quickly, efficiently & accurately capture all the data needed for your project in incredible detail. A point cloud survey will save you time and allow you to focus on the important areas of your project.

Reduce Costs

Once the initial data capture is complete, Scene3D can register & assemble the point cloud dataset remotely. This increases project agility, reduces site traffic and eliminates the need for costly repeat visits to site.

Highly Accurate

Our highly accurate equipment captures a snapshot of the site at that moment in time, which is the perfect reference point throughout the development stages. Remote access allows you to return to the survey as often as you need to for use throughout the project.

Flexible & Detailed

Has your project changed? The point cloud dataset and outputs can be edited remotely, saving the need to start from scratch. Working on a complex building? Efficiently capture hard to reach places such as high level beam structures and pipework.

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3D Point Cloud

A point cloud survey dramatically reduces the number of assumptions and generalisations, whilst eliminating the guesswork on your project. Datasets captured in a point cloud survey can produce a range of deliverables tailored to suit your project, or client needs.

Our combined experience and thorough understanding of application, economy of representation and quality of deliverable ensure the very highest standard Point Cloud Survey.

Point Cloud Survey in Sheffield

Case Study

Point Cloud Building Survey

Work Completed

Interior Point Cloud Survey100%
Exterior Point Cloud Survey100%

Scene3D were commissioned to undertake a point cloud survey of a commercial property in Sheffield. The owner of the property plans to redevelop the building, so requested Scene3D to conduct an external topographical, and internal survey of the property in its current condition. 

The architect leading the  design of the redevelopment reached out to Scene3D to engage our expertise in conducting a point cloud survey. The goal of the point cloud survey was to provide a complete and accurate representation of both the internal and external of the building, along with the immediate surrounding landscape.

External topographical survey includes

  • Existing structures
  • Building ground floor levels & threshold levels
  • Statutory services
  • Overhead structures
  • Manhole covers
  • Kerb lines
  • Surface finishes
  • Adjacent building heights to ridge & eaves

Building survey including


  • All elements of load bearing & non-load bearing structure
  • Secondary elements such as windows, doors, toilet fixtures & cupboards
  • Changes in floor level
  • Downstand beams, bulkheads, arched areas, lines of principal roof structure
  • Rain water pipes, soil and vent stacks and any major elements of service installation
  • Levels throughout indicating variations in existing levels
  • Window sill & head levels


  • Sections to indicate the building outline including finished floor levels, roof finish levels & existing ground level


  • Existing ground lines & levels with all internal floor levels dashed
  • All external structural features including windows, doors, pilasters, columns and any changes in line of the masonry façade
  • All secondary features such as rainwater gutters and downpipes, soil and vent pipes, grilles & vents
  • A general indication of fenestration including direction / style of opening
  • Ridgelines, roof windows ect 
  • External materials and changes in material colour of finish

Project Execution

The Scene3D team conducted the survey over a three and a half day period. In that time, we were able to capture over 10,750 sqm of point cloud data, across 300 setup positions, including; the basement, surrounding carpark, all floors and external elevations of the building. 

Once we had completed the on-site phase of the project, our team began assembling the raw point cloud ‘packages’ into a complete point cloud dataset of the entire project. Using this complete point cloud dataset, we were able to quickly and accurately produce each of the required .DWG files to meet the specific objectives of the project. 

Should the architect require any additional views of the project, such as additional sections/elevations/plans, we can easily produce these from the comprehensive point cloud dataset. 

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Point Cloud surveys are a precision method of surveying a building and can be used for both internal and external scans.

Each survey uses 3D laser scanning to give you a detailed view of the building. The team at Scene3D are experienced in the use of these technologies and we can even guide your team on their use.

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