Virtual Tours For Schools:

Education, education, education – it’s every child’s right to have one. However, starting school for the first time or entering a new school can be daunting.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, schools have been forced to become flexible and are constantly adapting to new rules and restrictions. One of the biggest obstacles that schools now face is how to safely show their facilities to prospective students. Safely being the keyword here.

Whilst wearing face-masks and socially distancing during school tours and traditional open days is one option, we’re here to discuss another.

Put Students at ease with a 3D virtual tour of  your school

With traditional school tours and open days presenting health risks and logistical barriers, it might be the case that some students won’t have the chance to see their new school or classroom before they start. This is likely to make some children feel anxious about their new start – especially for young, vulnerable students and those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

A 3D virtual tours of a school offers a safe, reliable solution. A high-quality virtual tour for schools allows students and their families to explore their new learning environment safely, from the comfort of their own home. Children will see their classroom and the building as a whole, giving them the chance to navigate the hallways before they even step foot inside.

A 3D virtual tour of your school is the first step in building the ever-important relationship between a school, the pupils and their families. Help students feel more at ease in these uncertain times by offering a 3D virtual school tour.

Virtual Tours For Schools Highlight Your Facilities And Specialisms

Worried about how you’re going to showcase your school’s high-spec science labs, brand-new gymnasium or art and design studios if open days aren’t an option?

Scene3D can create high-resolution images of any space you like. We’ll then put these together to create an engaging 3D virtual tour that will do your facilities justice. Not only that, but we can also add interactive data-points to any part of your virtual tour. This means that you’ll be able to seamlessly weave additional supporting media into your 3D virtual school tour.

 A walkthrough experience is more enticing than traditional photography and gives viewers a unique insight into your school environment and facilities.

For example, you might want to insert a video of your science labs in action so prospective students can see what their science lessons will be like. We can add these in wherever you’d like so that when students look at your facilities they’re able to get an even clearer picture of what you’re all about.

3D virtual tour for schools shows a classroom

Schools can show their facilities in an interactive way

Accessibility is Key

Today there are a number of ways you can order a 3D Virtual Tour:

Something that’s often overlooked is displaying how accessible your school is for students with disabilities and SEND. With many schools looking to boost their inclusivity, highlighting the adjustments your school has made to make this possible should be a priority.

Whether it’s simply accessible routes for wheelchair users to get around the building, or interactive whiteboards and other learning tools to support students with dyslexia – it’s all worth demonstrating in a 3D virtual school tour.

Families will want to see how their child’s specific needs will be catered for before they start school. We can use data-points to signpost these so parents can clearly see how their child will be supported.

Help prospective students and their families feel confident that your school has all the facilities that their child will need in order for them to flourish.

What Next?

At Scene3D we’re always looking to take on more exciting projects to help you get the most out of your space. We are experts in 3D virtual tours and are happy to provide these solutions for a variety of budgets.

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