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Virtual Tours & Holiday Lets

Domestic holidays have always been popular for families in the UK, but with the Covid-19 pandemic restricting travel, staycations are the safest and easiest option for those of us looking for some respite. 

Just like with any rental property in the current climate, the question is always how do you showcase it in all its glory – safely? Here are some fantastic tips on how a 3D virtual tour from Scene3D can help you gain interest in your holiday lets.

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Whilst this might seem straightforward, keeping up with the latest government guidance is the first step to capitalising on the potential of your holiday let with a 3D virtual tour. 

The government has revealed its latest roadmap out of the most recent national lockdown, and it looks as if domestic holidays will be an option for all of us in the near future. This means there’s no better time to look into new ways to market your property to the public. 

A 3D virtual tour gives your property an advantage. Not only can we take high-resolution photographs to highlight the beauty and location of your holiday let, but a 360 tour of its interior and facilities will help it stand out. Potential visitors will be able to walk through the property virtually, allowing them to visualise the space in a unique way. 

At Scene3D, we will always look to get the best out of your space – no matter how big or small. We’re committed to providing you with the best possible package that’s certain to boost your bookings when current restrictions are eased.

All the information, all in one place

There’s often an established formula for giving the details of a holiday let or rental property, and it goes something like this: images, bullet points, extended description. Pretty straightforward, right? But what if it could all be in one place?

Data points can be added to a 3D virtual tour to combine all of these elements into one. You can provide all the information you’d want about your holiday let in one clean, concise and detailed virtual tour. 

These data points can describe anything about the property you’d like – the size of the bedrooms, what kitchen equipment is provided or even some fun things you can do in the local area.

Data-tag containing images in a virtual tour of a holiday let

Data-tags can contain images, text, video, audio or links to external pieces of information

Points of difference

These days, everyone’s looking for something a little bit different. Properties that can serve multiple different purposes are sought after to help make experiences unique for visitors. Holiday lets have been used for birthday celebrations, baby showers and even weddings – but how do you convey the versatility of your property effectively?

Scene3D have a wealth of experience showcasing the multiple layouts and options that large event spaces can provide, and we can do exactly the same with your holiday let. We can take images of your property dressed for different occasions through ‘datatags’ to give potential renters an idea of how your space can be used. These datatags can then be added to the 3D virtual tour of your property to showcase its true potential as a multi-purpose space. 

“The internet has allowed us to showcase our business to potential clients all over the world. The virtual tours we’ve embedded on our website take that to a whole new level; people can virtually walk around our properties and explore exactly where they might stay before they make their decision to book with us. It is definitely the way forward and more and more guests are expecting to see this level of visibility on holiday websites as it gives them peace of mind.”

This is a fantastic way to appeal to a more varied audience and generate interest in new areas. Who knows – maybe this could be the next big thing for your holiday let?

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We’re always looking for more exciting projects to get involved in, so why not get in touch to see how Scene3D could help you market your holiday let.

With options available for a variety of budgets, we’re committed to your needs and helping you showcase your property. Beyond the photography, scanning and 3D model creation, we will guide you through how to effectively use your 3D space to make sure you make the most of this powerful, digital tool.

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Quote: Alexa Voisey, Founder of Bath Holiday Rentals