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Virtual Tour Price – How Much Does A Virtual Tour Actually Cost?

Without a doubt, the number one question that clients and prospects ask us is: “what is the virtual tour price?”.

Pricing is, now more than ever, one of the key factors when making a purchase but with so many aspects that can effect the price of a virtual tour, it’s not always a simple question to answer.

With this in mind, we’ve created this guide to help give you an idea of virtual tour costs. We’ve done our best to to explain the factors that affect virtual tour pricing and have included some ballpark prices and examples.

How Much Does a 3D Virtual Tour Cost?

We’ve answered this question thousands of times since we started Scene3D, prospective clients will often raise the question within the first few minutes of our conversation.

We get it.

Price matters.

The virtual tour price dictates whether or not a virtual tour is the right choice for you, your business, or your venue. It can also influence the functionality, or the type of virtual tour.

Because we believe in transparency as one of our core principles – we’ll share with you what affects the price of virtual tours and provide a price range for different virtual tour options. Not all virtual tours are made the same, so it’s important to know exactly what value you’ll get for your money. Some people also mix up 360 tours with virtual tours and video tours. We’ve explained the difference to help you know exactly what you need.

When you’re researching the cost of making a virtual tour, the types, and the benefits keep in mind that the purpose of the virtual tour has to work in your specific case. To best achieve this, you may need to develop an initial budget or plan, to get a general understanding of what you’re paying for and if there are any long-term costs.

It’s completely natural you’re eager to learn the price right away, but it’s a tough question to answer right off the bat. There are so many variables, and it’s not your job to know the specifics. But the more informed you are, the better results you’ll get. Whether you get a £200 or £2,000 virtual tour, we always start with getting to know you, and your goals, better.

Thinking about your goals, the results you’re after, and your space will help us figure out if you need any special considerations, and offer you a personalized solution. What may work for someone else, doesn’t mean it’s going to be the most effective for you and your property or business.

At Scene3D, we aim to educate every prospective client, even if that leads you to a different solution. Our main goal with this article is to offer you information about realistic price ranges for virtual tours.

Please keep in mind that all virtual tour prices mentioned, whether for residential or commercial projects, are only estimates based on our real-world experience. Virtual tour costs can and often do vary drastically based on the solution(s) you choose, your chosen provider, your goals, among many other factors. This blog post is focused mainly on Matterport virtual tour pricing in the UK, and you’ll get fresh information including virtual tour prices in 2024.

How Much Does A House Virtual Tour Cost?

In 2024, the virtual tour price for residential properties will be approximately £350 to £700 (+VAT).

What’s included in the cost of making a residential virtual tour?

Virtual tour pricing highly depends on the size of the property, scale, and its intricacy. For example, a virtual tour of a studio apartment will take considerably less time & effort to produce than a virtual tour of a large 6 bedroomed country manor house. Most good virtual tour providers will be able to give a pretty good indication of the cost to create a virtual tour from an approximate Sq Ft of the property.

Size is not the only factor to consider however, the intricacy of the property can play an important role in determining the house virtual tour cost. An old cottage with lots of small alcoves, twisty staircases, and cramped attic spaces may be more difficult to 3D scan than a modern property with a similar Sq Ft. If you think your property may have some unique or unusual features it’s important to speak to a virtual tour provider and let them know before they arrive at the property to ensure everyone is on the same page and prevent any surprise increases in costs.


Left: a small 1 bed apartment / Right: a large 6 bedroom detached house

The process begins with a visit from a professional who will 3D scan the property to properly capture the whole space. For a residential project, capturing the space usually takes around 2-3 hours but that can vary based on the size and intricacy of the property. After the initial stages, what comes next plays a key role in determining the quality and features of your virtual tour. This is why the post-production phase, where we put everything together to create your virtual tour, is a vital part of the whole process. Depending upon the property, features and details of your virtual tour, this part of the process usually takes between 5 to 7 working days. 

If you’re curious about real estate virtual tour pricing you’ll be happy to learn that many virtual tour providers will also offer discounts to property owners, estate agents, or property developers who are looking to have more than one residential virtual tour created. So if you are thinking of rolling out virtual tours across your whole property portfolio it could be beneficial to have that conversation with a virtual tour provider when enquiring about costs.

Take a look at a residential virtual tour below:


Commercial Virtual Tour Price – How Is It Calculated?

Now, this is where things start to get a little bit more complicated.

The same factors that determine the price of a residential virtual tour still apply, however, commercial projects vary wildly from one space to the next. A local restaurant will (probably) have a very different size & shape to a city centre 12-floor office block.

Each client could also have very different objectives they wish to achieve with their virtual tour: a gym may want to increase the number of new members, an school or university want to attract top talent to attend with a 3D virtual tours for schools, a gallery may want to help those with anxiety feel more comfortable visiting in person or a commercial property agent may wish to simply showcase a beautiful space to potential tenants.

All of these things and more will determine the virtual tour price. We’ve seen commercial virtual tours start from as low as £300 and go as high as £4,000+ based on the physical space, the scope of the project, the objectives & the number of virtual tours required.


Left: floor-plan of a small independent gym / Right: floor-plan of a large 2 floor health club

With this in mind, here are a few tips to help streamline the process of getting a final commercial virtual tour price:

What is the size of the space?

Floor plans can be extremely helpful but knowing at least a rough Sq Ft of the space usually helps narrow down a ballpark cost. We know that sometimes it can be tricky to get this information, particularly if it’s an older commercial space where floor plans may be lost or outdated. If it’s not possible to get floor plans or a rough Sq Ft then some pictures of the space / areas you’d like included in your virtual tour is usually enough to produce an estimate.

What are your objectives? 

Understanding your objectives a virtual tour will really help your virtual tour provider to tailor the content effectively for your needs. For example, if you’re planning to scan a commercial property before renovation, you might require enhanced collaboration tools to aid in communication among various tradespeople. Where as a commercial property that’s market-ready, may benefit from more advanced marketing features. Clarity in your goals will lead to a more targeted and successful virtual tour.

Who is your target market? 

Having a clear picture of who you are hoping will explore your virtual tour can be very useful, for example, one gym may want to appeal to hardcore fitness fanatics while another may want to feel approachable to novice new members. Understanding your target market will help your virtual tour provider find the best possible solution for your needs. 

Take a look at a commercial virtual tour below:

Additional Features: 

Other factors that could impact the price are additional features that take a virtual tour above and beyond the default software. 

These could include:

  • Personalisation and branding of the tour
  • A navigation menu to aid in sending visitors to key areas
  • An introduction screen and welcome video to introduce your tour to new visitors
  • Custom data-tag icons
  • Facebook messenger intergration

Which of these options to use will be different depending on the requirements of your project. 

For example, a virtual tour of a building under construction is likely to be used for reference purposes and so won’t require branding and additional features. 

Virtual tour price - navigation menu

A navigation menu can be a great feature for larger spaces, making it easy for visitors to find key areas

Whereas a virtual tour of a school may want to include branding, a navigation menu and a welcome video to help new students get a feel for the life at the school and quickly find where their new classroom will be. 

It all depends on the unique requirements of your property, venue or business.

Our top tips to get your to a virtual tour price quickly:

If you’ve got a project in mind and would like to quickly get a quote for a virtual tour it can help to have the following information prepared when speaking to a virtual tour provider. This will help them to quickly identify the best solution for your project, suggest an approach and put together a quote:

  • What is the space (is it home, a commercial office or wedding venue for example)?
  • Do you have a estimate Sq Ft of the space? If not do you have any photos of the space you can share so your provider can get a feel for the size and shape
  • Where is the property located?
  • Is there any other important info (out of hours access, property condition or parking restrictions for example)?

If you aren’t sure on any of the above don’t worry, they’re simply tips to help you get to a quote quickly. Any professional virtual tour company will be able t0 talk through your project and help you to get to an estimated quote.

The Exact Virtual Tour Price – Get a Quote Today

There are many other factors that can impact the virtual tour price such as if the tour is 3D or 360, any interactive data tags, and  VR functionality, to name a few. A good virtual tour provider will be able to talk you through and explain the different options. 

We hope you’ve developed a better feel for the potential virtual tour price including the overall residential & commercial virtual tour pricing ranges, and what to expect when you start going through the virtual tour buying process.

As we’ve mentioned, everything here is simply an estimate, and your final price may look much different. If you’d like to know the actual virtual tour price for your specific case, we’d be happy to help you. Simply tell us about your property or business below and our friendly experts will put together a personalised, no-obligation quote.

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