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The Crypt – Ripon Cathedral

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Ripon Cathedral - Crypt

Ripon Cathedral is the oldest building of any English Cathedral and was constructed in 672AD.

Designed by Saint Wilfrid’s Ripon Cathedral was inspired by his travels across the continent to Rome where he saw magnificent churches with ‘catacombs’ below, elaborate underground burial chambers.

The team at Scene3D collaborated with Ripon Cathedral as they wanted to create a virtual tour for the areas that were not wheelchair accessible as well as make the crypt available for viewing anywhere in the world.

The Crypt Virtual Tour is a perfect example of how you can make your spaces disability friendly.

High Quality 4K Images

Once a member for the Scene3D team has completed the 3D virtual model of a property we will also provide a photopack of crisp, clear images for use on your website and social media, which can be seen from the photos taken from the Krypt Virtual Tour


How Much Will My Virtual Tour Actually Cost?

One of the most common questions we get asked and with good reason, price can often dictate if a virtual tour is the right solution for your property or business.

With so many variables effecting the cost of a virtual tour, we’ve done our best to create a quick guide to virtual tour pricing, based on our experience, for both commercial & residential projects.



The crypt has narrow passageways and tight corners however the experience of our technicians proved that this wasn’t an issue.


Years old

This beautiful crypt brings people to the heart of Anglo-Saxon spirituality


Visitors a year

This magnificent church has been a place of wonder for many years and brings people to visit from all over the UK & the World.

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