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Nether Haugh House Virtual Tour 3D Scan

Nether Haugh House

This charming 200 year old property was once an all girls school before being converted into a well loved family home. After being on the market for some time without any viewings, the Scene3D team were brought in to help give the sale a boost with a high quality 3D virtual tour.

High Quality 4K Images

Once a member for the Scene3D team has completed the 3D virtual model of a property we will also provide a photopack of crisp, clear images for use on your website and social media.



Nether Haugh house features 07 large bedrooms, each with high ceilings stunning views of the surrounding countryside.



This property features 3 large floors and victorian style high ceilings, traditional radiators & the original parquet floor



The generous size of this property required the Scene3D team to complete a large number of scans.

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