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Derwent House Virtual Tour 3D Scan

Derwent House

One of Sheffield’s most prestigious buildings located in the heart of the city centre, Derwent House offers businesses excellent, modern office spaces with great transport links. The Scene3D team visited Derwent House on behalf of Commercial Property Partners to assist in showcasing the lobby, communal areas and third floor office space to potential business tenants.

High Quality 4K Images

Once a member for the Scene3D team has completed the 3D virtual model of a property we will also provide a photopack of crisp, clear images for use on your website and social media.


Floors Up

This office space is located on the third floor of Derwent House



Tenants in Derwent House have 24 hour access to the facilities



As the office has a large floor plan the Scene3D team had to complete a number of scans

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