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Restaurant virtual tour:

Stand out from your competitors and make it easy for customers to see your business. Let customers explore your space from anywhere.

Increase your online presence & get more bookings.

What's the process?

Getting a virtual tour for your business is so easy we've broken it down into 4 simple steps

  • 1. Contact us

  • 2. Book a visit

  • 3. Shoot the property

  • 4. Receive your virtual tour

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How it helps

Restaurant, bars & hospitality virtual tours

Interactive & Engaging

The more time a potential booking spends on your businesses website the more likely they are to become a customer. Virtual tours are proven to increase the time spent on a page by up to 300%

Party Bookings

Is your restaurant or venue perfect for large gatherings? Show your customers the space laid out for a birthday, wedding or christmas party and attract more group bookings

Book From The Tour

Make the most of a website visitors impulse to book. It’s simple and easy for customers to book a table, reserve a booth or hire your function room directly from the virtual tour.

You're in great company

Some of our hospitality clients

Cubana Tapas Bar

Cubana Tapas Bar

A Sheffield favourite for over 20 years

Cubana is an independently owned tapas restaurant and Cuban bar that started from humble beginnings, situated on Trippet Lane in November 2000 offering a burst of joyous Havana sunshine from a sleepy city centre back street.

Camm & Hooper

Camm & Hooper

Iconic Venues In Central London

Transforming some of London’s most beautiful buildings into stunning event venues for hire. No two Camm & Hooper venues are the same. Unique, stylish, and brimming with character.

The Hide

The Hide

Street food and vintage vans

The Hide is a quirky, bright yellow art deco building, sitting on the corner of Scotland St in the heart of Sheffield City Centre. The Hide was born in 2014 and recently had the internal warehouses were renovated to create an urban events space.


How much will my virtual tour actually cost?

One of the most common questions we get asked and with good reason, price can often dictate if a virtual tour is the right solution for your property or business.

With so many variables effecting the cost of a virtual tour, we’ve done our best to create a quick guide to virtual tour pricing, based on our experience, for both commercial & residential projects.

If you're not happy you can have your money back

Our 6 Point Guarantee

You can count on Scene3D for excellence, expertise, responsiveness, and quality in all our services. Our team works with you until you are completely satisfied with every aspect of our service.

To show how confident we are about this, we put together 6 points about our service we guarantee. If you feel we’ve not met your expectations in any way then you can have your money back.

Virtual Tour FAQ's

Our most frequently asked questions

How long does it take to create a virtual tour?

On site:

The honest answer is every project is different, factors such as the size, intricacy and complexity of the space can all impact the time required to effectively 3D scan a building.


However, we can provide some ballpark timings based on our real world experience:


  • 3-5 bed residential property will take approx 1 to 2 hours to shoot
  • A 20,000 Sq Ft open plan office demise will take approx 3 to 4 hours to shoot
  • A 20,000 Sq Ft gym with lots of equipment and mirrors will take approx 4 to 6 hours to shoot
  • A 100,000 Sq Ft convention center will take approx 2 days to shoot

Post production:

Again this can vary depending upon the project but as a general rule we aim to have the virtual tour back for review within 5 to 7 working days.


Once the tour has been reviewed by the client we’ll then look at adding in any data-tags to the tour. This part of the process is usually a collaboration between us and the client to determine what information, photos, video or audio needs adding to the tour and where is best to add that content. How long this takes is often determined by the client’s readiness with their content but usually it’s a couple of days.

Does someone need to be with you during the shoot?

For most use cases, getting the best results from a virtual tour means shooting the property or business when footfall is at a minimum, this could be on a weekend or in an evening. Our team is happy to shoot during these times (at no extra cost) to ensure the best end result.


Having a staff member to escort our team out of hours can sometimes be a challenge for our clients. In these cases we’re happy to collect a key during office hours then conduct the shoot without an escort. We pride ourselves on our experience and professionalism so will always conduct ourselves accordingly while unaccompanied. 


There are cases where this may not be appropriate, such as scanning a construction or high voltage site. For these projects we may require an escort for health and safety reasons.

In what format will my virtual tour be sent to me?

Virtual tours are hosted online, similar to a website. This allows your virtual tour to be interactive and exploreable without the need to use a program or app. Viewers will be able to open your virtual tour on everything from an iphone to a desktop PC. This also enables the virtual tour to be embedded right onto a webpage or property listing. 


With this in mind, when Scene3D deliver your virtual tour we’ll send you 3 links: 


  • Virtual tour URL – This is a link to open the virtual tour in your web browser. This link is great to quickly share over email, whatsapp or text message. 
  • Virtual tour embed code – This is a piece of code called an iframe, used to add the virtual tour to your website, similar to how you embed a youtube video.
  • Dropbox link – We’ll also provide a link to a dropbox folder containing images, a teaser video and a QR Code to help you get the most out of your virtual tour.

Do virtual tours have any on-going fees?

As we mentioned above, virtual tours are hosted online. This does mean there are some associated renewal costs, similar to hosting a website. 


At Scene3D we charge £45 +VAT per year to keep the virtual tour live. Hosting is also included for the first 12 months.

Are virtual tours safe?

As a virtual tour is a detailed view of a space that can be viewed from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, it’s a reasonable concern to worry who could be taking a look. The truth is just like posting on social media or youtube, a virtual tour is as safe as you decide it to be.


During post-production, there’s a variety of options to adjust the security level of your virtual tour. These include: passwords, privacy settings, sharing settings and the blur tool. Each of these options can be tailored to meet your needs. For example, a residential property agent may want as many people as possible to view the virtual tour, increasing the number of enquiries. Whereas an architect who’s virtual tour is for their team’s reference only, may wish to add a password.

Can you photoshop my virtual tour?

A virtual tour is a piece of ‘reality capture’ content. This means they are designed to look as true to life as possible. While this is great for giving an honest depiction of a space it does limit the options that a virtual tour provider has to edit during post production. 


Unlike traditional photographs, it’s not possible to open a virtual tour in a program like photoshop then edit the visuals of a space.


However, virtual tour providers do have some options to edit a virtual tour. If something personal like a letter or a family photo is accidentally visible during the shoot, there is a blur tool available. This allows us to carefully ‘brush out’ these items, making sure privacy is maintained.


It’s also possible to ‘hide’ positions in a virtual tour. So if, during the review phase, you spot something you’d prefer not to display, we may be able to hide that scan position.

What are virtual tour data-tags?

Data tags are clickable hotspots in your virtual tour that can contain additional content. Data-tags can contain text, photos, video, audio or web links and are one of the best ways to maximize the value and effectiveness of your virtual tour. 


Scene3D offers unlimited data-tags for your virtual tour without any extra charges. Our expert team will to work with you to optimize the placement, quantity, and content of these data-tags, ensuring your virtual tour achieves its full potential. 

What areas of the UK do you cover?

Our team works all over the UK and sometimes even europe.


We’ve worked on everything from remote hotels in the Scottish highlands to high rise offices in the center of Berlin. If required, we will always agree any travel costs with a client at the quotation stage. 

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New technology has made benefiting from a virtual tour a much more affordable and realistic option for many bars and restaurants. Don’t miss out on a state of the art virtual walkthrough of your business. Allow anyone, anywhere, to ‘virtually tour’ your bar or restaurant.

Each virtual tour offers an immersive and compelling experience, second only to real life.

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