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Matterport measurement tool – A quick guide

Today, accuracy and efficiency are crucial across various industries, from residential real estate to commercial construction projects. The Matterport measurement tool is changing how people gather and use measurement data. This innovative tool reduces the need for manual measurements and multiple site visits, saving time, reducing emmisions, avoiding mistakes, and offering many other benefits.

At Scene3D, we use Matterport technology to give our clients accurate and accessible measurements, helping to transform the way they work. In this blog, we’ll explore how the Matterport measurement tool can help potential homebuyers, aid in furniture procurement for commercial spaces, optimise event planning for venues, and help when pricing up jobs in the construction industry.

Matterport measurement tool – Why is it important?

Give viewers more info about a space

The Matterport measurement tool provides viewers with more detailed information about a space. By integrating precise measurements within a 3D virtual tour, users can understand the exact dimensions of rooms, hallways, doorways and other areas without needing to be physically present. Measurements helps potential buyers, and tenants visualise the space accurately, allowing them to make informed decisions and plan accordingly. For instance, homebuyers can measure rooms to ensure their furniture fits, while commercial clients can assess the suitability of a space for their needs.

Reduce emissions

A significant advantage of the Matterport measurement tool is its potential to save emissions. Traditional site visits for measurements and inspections often require additional travel, which contributes to carbon emissions. By using the Matterport tool, many of these visits can be conducted virtually. This reduction in travel not only decreases environmental impact but also supports sustainability goals for companies looking to minimise their carbon footprint. 

Save time

Time savings is another critical benefit of the Matterport measurement tool. The process of manually measuring a space can be time-consuming, often requiring multiple site visits and the coordination of various people. With the Matterport tool, users can take measurements quickly and accurately within the virtual tour. This efficiency accelerates project timelines and allows for faster decision-making. For example, an estate agent can provide potential buyers with a tool to gain necessary information from home, reducing the need for repeat viewings and streamlining the buying process.

Reducing travel costs

Reducing travel costs is another key advantage of using the Matterport measurement tool. By eliminating the need for frequent site visits, businesses can significantly cut down on travel expenses. Contractors can access measurements and spatial data remotely, saving money on transportation and lodging. This is particularly beneficial for companies managing multiple properties or projects in different locations, as it allows them to allocate their resources more effectively.

24/7 Accessibility

The Matterport measurement tool also offers the convenience of 24/7 access from anywhere in the world. Users can access the virtual tour and its measurements at any time, making it easier to share with potential clients or customers and help make timely decisions. For example, an international customer or client can get measurements remotely, helping to make faster and more informed decisions without the need for costly and time-consuming travel.

Matterport measurement tool - example of the measurement tool in practice
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How to use the Matterport measurement tool

Taking a measurement couldn’t be easier, start by simply clicking the measurement tool on the bottom left corner of the screen. Once you have clicked the measurement tool you will see a plus button at the bottom of the screen.

Matterport measurement tool-how to use the measurement tool

Tap on this button to begin a measurement you should notice your cursor has changed to make taking measurements easier. While in measurement mode your cursor will snap onto the edges of nearby surfaces. 

If you prefer you can disable snap mode using the settings icon in the top right corner. To take a measurement simply click where you would like to start your measurement then click where you would like to measurement to end.

Matterport measurement tool- example in residential property

The measurement tool can also be used to measure entire rooms quickly. Just click the floor plan icon on the bottom left to get a top-down view of the current floor. You can then click on the measurement tool to quickly measure up each room.

Matterport measurement tool – What can it be used for?

Here are just a few example of common use cases for the Matterport measurement tool. These examples are by no means the only uses!

Potential buyers can plan their new home

Using the Matterport measurement tool, estate agents can send virtual tours to prospective buyers, allowing them to start planning their new home even before they move in. This helps buyers to visualise their future space and become emotionally invested in the property. They can measure rooms, doorways, windows and more, planning layouts and decor, which adds to their excitement and attachment to the property. For example, after a property viewing, a prospective buyer receives a link to the virtual tour. They can spend time planning how to arrange their furniture and decorate their new home, building an emotional connection and increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

Furnishing commercial spaces

For commercial landlords and office space providers, the Matterport measurement tool is valuable when planning and furnishing new spaces for potential tenants. By using the tool, they can accurately measure office areas and determine the amount and type of furniture needed. This ensures efficient space utilisation and helps in making cost-effective purchasing decisions. For example, an office space provider uses a virtual tour to measure the new office space and creates a detailed furniture plan. They can order the exact amount of desks, chairs, and other office equipment needed, ensuring the space is ready for the new tenant without overspending.

Measuring for events

Event planners and venue managers often face the challenge of ensuring that all elements of an event fit seamlessly within the available space. The Matterport measurement tool significantly simplifies this process by providing accurate, detailed measurements within a virtual tour. This allows planners to visualise the venue and plan the layout without having to physically visit the site multiple times. For example, an event planner tasked with setting up a large event can use the Matterport measurement tool to map out the exact placement of stages, banners, seating arrangements, and other installations. By accessing a virtual tour of the venue, the planner can measure dimensions accurately, ensuring that everything is placed precisely where it needs to be.

Streamline construction projects

In the construction industry, the Matterport measurement tool is a powerful tool for project management and contractors. Contractors can access virtual tours to measure spaces accurately, price up jobs, and plan projects from anywhere at any time. This reduces the need for site visits, saving time and travel costs. For example, a contractor receives a virtual tour of a building site and uses the measurement tool to assess the space remotely. They can accurately price the job, plan the necessary work, and order materials without having to visit the site in person, speeding up the project timeline and reducing expenses.


In conclusion, the Matterport measurement tool is transforming the way professionals across various industries operate. By providing accurate, accessible, and easy-to-use measurements, the Matterport measurement tool enhances efficiency, improves collaboration, reduces environmental impact, and cuts costs. Whether you’re an estate agent, commercial landlord, event planner, or contractor, the Matterport measurement tool can benefit your property or business.

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