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Though thousands of different industries can benefit from a 3D virtual tour, the events industry is one that we feel is served particularly well by our 3D scanning and 360 tour technology.

When you own or work for an event space, marketing it to the world can sometimes feel like a mammoth task. With so much competition out there in every city, finding a way to stand out from the crowd can be really tough. Read on to find out how you can use 3D virtual tours to take your event space marketing to the next level. By the way, if you’re wondering what a 3D virtual tour is think Google Street View, but inside your event space, sometimes called Google indoor maps.

Showcase the potential of your space 

When you walk into an empty house or room, even for the most creative minds amongst us it can be hard to envision the potential of the space. Half of the battle when it comes to convincing someone to hire an event space is being able to show them exactly what can be done with what’s in front of their eyes. Of course, any marketer will know that having a portfolio of professional photos taken at different events will help infinitely when it comes to marketing the space. But it’s always a challenge to really do the size of the space justice in photographs alone. Digital marketing can often be one dimensional, the user can’t explore or get a real sense of depth or scale – and that’s where we come in!


Virtual tours give visitors a “god’s eye” view of an events space

A 3D virtual tour is often the next best experience to being able to view any space in person. But in the case of event spaces, we believe 3D virtual tours to actually be even better. Why? Because a  virtual tour can show a viewer how the event space looks in a multitude of different styles in just a few minutes. Our virtual tour software gives viewers what we like to call a “God’s eye” view – you’re able to zoom in on the space from above, making the process of planning the decoration so much easier than having to rely on simply memory alone as you can use the tour as a point of reference.  Better still, you can embed virtual tours on your website and on your Google Business listing. It’s those kinds of touches that are going to really make your event stand out.

Event spaces that have embraced this technology have found virtual tours to be a powerful influence on their customer journey. Wyboston Lakes, a resort located on Cambridgeshire border that offers a range of leisure and business facilities, made virtual tours a cornerstone of their digital marketing strategy. Louisa Watson, Director of Marketing found benefits in the increased engagement from visitors to their website and in the data they gain from the 3D virtual tour:

The addition of the virtual tour experience, machine learning chat bots and online booking tools give the customers an awesome online experience and gives us unique data driven insight that will enable us to enhance the customer’s booking experience further still.

Though an “in-person” viewing is important, a 3D virtual tour that showcases the space is collectively so much more powerful than standing in an empty room and relying on peoples’ imaginations alone.

Highlight your space’s USPs using data points

Every event space has its own unique selling points and with a 3D virtual tour, you are able to capture these for the viewers using something we call “data points”. Data points are interactive points throughout the tour that viewers can click on to get more information about any aspect of the tour. For example, you can add text data points that let the viewer know what the event space’s maximum capacity is, or if you are able to offer in-house catering, or what time your licence allows music to be played until. But they don’t stop at just text – if you wanted to showcase the impressive acoustics of say, a concert hall, you would also be able to attach audio clips to a data point to show what past concerts have sounded like in the space. 


Data tags can contain images, audio, video and links to external sources of info

Lastly, you also have the option of add pictures and videos to data points to your virtual tour. These are both incredibly helpful when it comes to showing viewers photos and videos of the space at past events and how the space looks with different styles of decoration depending on the occasion. So a 360 tour really does become just that, your potential customer can really get a tangible feel of your space and how it works for their needs. Data points are an engaging way to showcase information to people without bombarding them with lots of text on a website – something that the majority of people.in this day and age just don’t end up reading.

Explore a 3D virtual tour:

Take advantage of this new, engaging way to showcase your space

It’s no secret that videos are becoming an increasingly popular form of content as peoples’ attention spans for large blocks of text are becoming ever-shorter. We believe that 3D virtual tours offer a fantastic return on investment when it comes to marketing your event space. They’re something that gives you a tangible advantage over your competitors who don’t have an engaging, immersive way to showcase their space. 

If you have any questions about any of the content in this blog or you have any questions about 3D virtual tours or would like more information on virtual tour production, we’d absolutely love to hear from you.

Get in touch with us today to find out what a 3D virtual tour could do for you and event space.


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