Accurate, Visual, Interactive

3D Surveying

3D Surveying

Using state of the art 3D mapping technology we survey sites

in an accurate, visual and informative way.

How Do We Complete a 3D Survey?

Faster and more complete than traditional methods

Arrange Onsite Visit

Using the latest advanced 3D scanning camera, one of our experts will professionally capture the site.

Create Your 3D Point Cloud Model

Once we have the internal scans of the site our team ‘stitch’ them together to create your 3D model.

Use Your 3D model

Our team will help you utilise your 3D survey to maximise the benefit and return on your investment.

Take A Look

Here is an example of a space we have 3D surveyed

3D Multimedia Tags

Within the virtual 3D model we are able to add “info-tags” to the 3D space, highlighting key features e.g. electrical sockets.  Tags can contain photographs,  audio or video files, text, or links to external sources of information.

A fantastic tool for collaboration, use data tags to communicate and annotate in real time with the rest of your team. 

Design Ready Output

Each of our 3D surveys are a complete 3D model of a real world job site.

Beyond our immersive showcase we provide the 3D model in outputs ready to be imported directly into architectural design tools such as AutoCAD, ReCap, or Revit:

  • XYZ Colourized point clouds
  • OBJ file – Textured 3D mesh (Combined 3D depth data with 2D visual Data)

Each 3D Survey Includes 4K Images

As each of the 3D scans collected by the 3D scanning camera is of 4K quality, your team are able to extract an unlimited amount of high quality still images of any area of your site.

Measure From Your 3D Survey

The 3D scans we capture create an extremely accurate 3D model, allowing measurements to be taken remotely using our workshop tools.

Take measurements without the need to revisit a site.

Schematic Floor Plans

Using the 3D model we are able to create Schematic floor plans of sites our team have scanned. Each schematic floor plan gives your team am overview of a site and provides gross internal area measurements for each room.

Have the full picture

Work with us

Advances in technology have now made benefiting from a 3D model a much more affordable and realistic possibility for many businesses. Each 3D model offers an immersive experience, second only to real life. Let your team explore your sites from anywhere and save money, time and effort with reduced site visits.

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